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Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality (HSSEQ) Policy

The management of Ultimate Gas Ltd is committed to taking all practicable steps to ensure the Health,Safety,Security of staff,customers,visitors as well as ensuring no harm to the environment by complying with relevant Health,Safety,Security,Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) legislations,standards and codes of practice to meet all requirement for maximizing the satisfaction of stakeholders.

This shall be achieved by;

1 Evolving and maintaining a safe environment by providing facilities for staff and customer’s health,safety,security and quality of service at the company premises.

2 Creating the necessary awareness among staff and customers on the importance of HSSEQ at all times during operational period and of operational hours.

3 Ensuring that all staff and customers accept their responsibilties to eliminate or minimize any potential harm to people and damage to properties at the company premises.

4 Ensuring all staff and customers are consulted on and given the opportunity to participate in HSSEQ administration at the company premises.

5 Constituting a HSSEQ committee for the identification and control of hazards in the company premises.

6 Appointing HSSEQ commander to ensure compliance with our company’s HSSEQ policy including recording and investigating incidents accurately as they occur.

7 Empowering all staff and customers to intervene and stop any unsafe acts and unsafe conditions within the company premises.

8 Communicating HSSEQ issues in the company on day to day basis to further strengthen awarness.

9 Communicating all relevant HSSEQ requirements and information to staff and customers in form of notices of and/or learning from incidents to create the same level of awareness in them.

10 Conducting effective HSSEQ induction to all other stakeholders as they get into the company premises.

As the CEO of Utimate Gas Ltd, I am commited to ensuring this HSSEQ policy is fully deployed and implemented appropriately for the safety of the staff,assets and other stakeholders.

This policy shall be subject to review as may be required from time to time. – Auwalu A.Ilu  CEO